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About People.Infra - Develop

People.Infra Designs – Develops – Delivers Builder Floors, Row Villas, Flats, Plotted Development, Commercials – everything Infra.
We are well-funded new-age data-driven designers and developers aspiring to create an architectural masterpiece in collaboration with plot owners. 


Plot collaboration to develop a masterpiece.

  • Builder Floors
  • Villas
  • Plotting
  • Group Housing
  • Complex
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Healthcare & Hospitality

Why People.Infra - Develop ?

People.Infra proudly partners with the plot – owners to design – develop – and deliver an architectural masterpiece on their property.  
We would invest in the project in exchange for an appropriate share of a newly developed admirable asset, while you remain the owner/title holder always and do not have to part away with your identity-your property completely. 

Well Funded
Quality Warranty
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Benefits - Landowners

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0 Investment of Plot Owner
Owner Always - Retain your Identity, Your Property
Brand - Value Appreciation
Own a brand new modern home
Earn without Investing further
Assistance - Sale / Rent / Maintenance
One-Stop - Design - Develop - Deliver
On-Time Completion
High quality construction
Post construction services

What We Design

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Now Homes will be built hassle free


Engage with our team and let us know your requirements


Meet and discuss with our award-winning architects and designers


Hassle-free execution by experts with more than 35 years of industry experience


Choose from a curated pool of Indian and European furniture & lifestyle solutions


Enjoy your dream home

Our Trusted Partners


Refer your friends and earn upto INR 5 Lacs* today


Just like no two People.Infra homes are the same, no two budgets are either. You have exceptional control when building your new home.


Forward-thinking design plays an essential role in every home we build, from everything you see to everything you don’t.


Before we build a home, we build a personal connection. We work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way.


From floor plans to exterior elevations, from design options to where you live in the community, no two People.Infra homes are ever the same.