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Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Here are some small living room ideas who have a small space for living room and wish to make it look bigger. 

If you have a small space for your living room then don’t pinch your style. No matter how small the space is, it can still look stylish. Here are some tips for a small living room. 

Small Living Room:

Replace chunky sofa with loveseat 

What a living room is without a sofa but when you have a small space then it is a task to have a sofa. It takes up all the space leaving you with little or no space. opt for a loveseat. 

Mirror on the wall

Adding a mirror that leads to a small living room will give more light and airy entrance to the room.  You can also try adding mirrors to opposing walls to create the feeling of a bigger space.

Same color everywhere 

The same colour everywhere means the wall, wood should have the same color because the room feels bigger and having no contrast means that you are less aware of the confines of the space.

Choose storage furniture with a small footprint

‘More and more customers have embraced ladder-style shelving to store and display, from paperwork and keys to houseplants and prized possessions,’ says Kate Gibson, Home Buying Manager,

 ‘A versatile storage solution, this style provides valuable shelf space with a minimal footprint.’

Clear floor space 

When it comes to making a small space feel bigger and more open, there’s no substitute for keeping floor space clear.  Use floating night tables or shelves instead of nightstands. Hang your TV—if you have the wall space, this is a great way to eliminate the need for a TV stand or cabinet. Hang your mirror—if you’re tight on space, hanging your mirror instead of putting it on top of a dresser can really help open up the area.


Small Living Room Ideas

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